How to write an opinion essay

An opinion essay is a single opinion you focus on and which you accept or not. Keep in mind that you should provide your opinion with supporting information which is usually facts or experiences. Many students find this type of an essay a great opportunity to share their ideas. However, the difficulty is that a writer often gets too deep on the subject which makes the paper way subjective. Therefore, it is important to choose no more than three supporting facts and let them flow to lead the readers into the issue and finally show them that your thoughts matter.

These are the key points that will make your opinion essay perfect:

  • A captivating topic
  • A five-paragraph structure
  • A clear thesis in the opening paragraph
  • One idea in each paragraph supported with credible evidence
  • Adequate facts plus citing sources if necessary
  • A well-rounded conclusion where you restate the thesis and mention the three reasons.

Fill in your essay with opinion phrases like that: My impression is that., I have no doubt that., My own feeling on the subject is that., etc.

Introduction matters

The most popular opinion essay topics concern social, educational, personal, and local issues. However, your viewpoints can refer to any problem of your interest or the idea you feel extremely passionate about.

The main thing in the introduction is to hook the audience interest and provide them with the general understanding of the topic. Here you should use your creativity and showmanship to the full. Sequence the sentences in the first paragraph this way:

  • Hook
  • Topic
  • Three reasons
  • Thesis statement

What is a well-composed opinion essay?

A hooking and appealing introduction is a good starting point for your opinion essay. As to the body paragraphs, you begin with a topic sentence and support it with facts, examples, and statements. Three paragraphs – three reasons. It is advisable to use citations and references where appropriate. The essay will sound logical if you join the paragraphs together with the bridging statements.

Do know who you are writing to. Of course, the readers of academic essays are your teachers. They do not expect you to write on the professor’s level. However, an intelligent, dedicated, clear-thinking student's writing will be appreciated. So take care of the style and tone of your essay. Do not overload your paper with vague and general wording and passive structures. Avoid colloquialisms and hoary clichés. Needless to say that editing and proofreading are crucial things in writing.

When thinking how to write an opinion essay, you should be:

  • Bipartisan
  • Objective
  • Explanatory

The research stage includes taking notes on actual evidence, statistics, perspectives and others' ideas. Once you have investigated a debatable topic, you may start writing the essay. A good research will help you understand the issue better and collect the most standing arguments that back your idea. To do this, use serious and reliable data instead of narrow opinions or viewpoints of the individuals like you. It is Okay if you change your stands while researching, as it means you have discovered good facts on the topic you are debating on. That makes the task even more challenging.

It is a typical mistake to finish the essay with new ideas. A conclusion is a summary of the above-mentioned ideas. The first thing you should do in the conclusion is restating the topic. Then come again with the reasons that strengthen the essence of your opinion. The reader should understand what you wanted to tell and how you have proved your words. If this paragraph is neat and valid, your opinion will be grasped correctly. May good success attend you in conquering an opinion essay!

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