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 Learning Styles Essay

Learning Styles

Justin Haase

American Public School



Distinct students have different learning variations. In this article, I will be analyzing various learning styles while presented by simply Learning Style Inventory (Penn State, 2010). and Index of Learning Styles (Felder & Soloman, n. deb. ). Let me discuss the aspects of the many leaning designs different college students have, plus the study strategies most beneficial for the students. I've taken the inventories, and received the results. Let me discuss my thoughts on these types of inventories and how I feel they relate to my very own learning design. Learning designs

Based on the Learning Style Inventory, there are three learning styles. The first learning style is usually AUDITORY. Pupils who are auditory scholars do finest by attending lectures and taking notes. It may also be helpful to get the students to tape classes for additional review. (Penn Point out, 2010). The other type of learning style is usually VISUAL. Pupils who will be visual learners benefit from tactics such as the make use of flash greeting cards, studying the materials presented, and recording pertinent details to study too. (Penn Condition, 2010) The last style presented is TACTILE. Students who also are tactile leaners benefit from study approaches such as recording important information frequently and producing study bedding to review. (Penn State, 2010) The Index of Learning Styles as well presents three types of learners. The firs kind of learner is Visual. These types of learners tend to picture reproduction in their thoughts when examining, writing, speaking and studying. (Felder & Soloman, and. d. ). The second sort of learner is usually Auditory. These learners keep information greatest by playing information. Then they tend to duplicate what was said to them within their mind during studying and test currently taking. It is necessary for this type of novice to recording lectures so they can refer to them later and take research notes (Felder & Soloman, n. d. ). The next type of student is...

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