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Lebanon is facing a critical economic situation. The overall economy is encouraging Lebanese residents to emigrate, leaving all their country, and their families behind. Statistics demonstrated that " most emigrants are mainly guys between the age ranges of twenty to 44”, Safieddine, Assem (2004). As well, by losing Lebanon's middle section class, Lebanon is becoming more deprived of productivity and development. Since the most educated people are the most frequent emigrants, the us government should set more effort into increasing Lebanon's current situation and supply proper associates to assess the country's sociable, political, and economical difficulty. Emigration has come to have some causes. A single cause can be economic, which is because of the not enough opportunities and poverty we have in Lebanon. Another cause is by different educational levels, which in turn lead to poor management of certain fields that enrich our nation. Last but not least, contemporary society is another trigger. The lack of secureness that is near your vicinity does not generate Lebanon because stable mainly because it should be. Consequently , how are these kinds of causes seriously affecting Lebanon? The emigration of important figures such as professionals and technicians shows the extent of severity of the drain in Lebanon. Such danger is faced around the world, and not just in Lebanon, but are also getting solved. Lebanon's government ceases to address this sort of issues, which is ignoring the simple fact that the nation is burning off. Lebanese individuals are gradually going out of their region, and not locating any motivation to stay, in spite of their love and connection to their nation. Parents are losing their children to foreign nations around the world after many years of investing and educating these people. Immigrating to strange international locations is becoming extremely understandable. Lebanon is at its worst when it comes to finding a job and looking for steadiness. The country's problems and economic downturn is definitely not aiding in offering hope to young graduates who are seeking to acquire hired and commence their new independent lives. Opportunities overseas are...

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