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 Philosophy Analysis Paper

Sergio barrai


Brain theory vs Human body theory

Ever since the human brain evolved enough to have a cognitive function most importantly other pets, we obtained the gift idea (or burden) of self-awareness. With this kind of blessing of self-awareness comes many positive aspects, but with 1 catch which can be the question using in all the minds, which is, who am I and how will i define the identity? There are two theories' that attempt to answer this question the first of which can be the Body theory, this theory states that your physical body is who have you will be and it's how you know your identity. The brain theory shows that you head rather your brain defines the personality and identity. I believe the latter theory is correct, simply due to the simplicity of the human body theory. Simply the body theory suggests that you are the body and your person is how you establish your personal identity. While at 1st glance this may seem like a probable appropriate answer to the individual identity query due to its quick and simple to understand characteristics, but it is usually riddled with imperfections for a few reasons. The initially which is as a result of person periods and man biological procedure for continuously upgrading its cells and elements with fresh ones. As an example according for this theory the newborn level of yourself is different person that you are today, because you are not comprised of the same specific molecules whenever you were at the time you were a newborn. Another evaluate of this theory is the limited affect that your physical body is wearing your id. For example , when your body truly does identify a person actually, it does not consider the person personal identity in terms of personality. The brain theory says that a person's identity is usually solely showed by the person's brain/mind. This kind of theory the actual most perception out of the two because it is certainly not held straight down by the previously stated imperfections of the body system theory. For example the brain theory takes into account person stages and acknowledges that just because...