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 The howdy and ’los of your life Essay

Some people in the life will tell you hi. These individuals are usually friendly and will advantage you and bring you many pleasures and delight. The other half will say 'lo, which is the shortened type of " Hello". These individuals are usually lazy and will hinder you and enable you to get many issues in life. That sucks. Captions:

You used to lie and so close to myself

Now absolutely nothing more than bare sheets

You like

When you know I cannot love

So I think it's best

We both neglect

Before all of us dwell on it

And anything that kills me personally makes me personally feel alive

Round and around and around and around all of us go

Oh yea now tell me now tell me now show me now you know-teabags with Valencia

For some reason I cannot explain

Once you go there was clearly never

Never an honest term

And that was when I reigned over the world-branch


•We came here on his again

And we found your vision.

The salty ocean wind

Made the seagulls weep. -beach-seagulls

Gray area

rivers and highways

rivers and roads

'til i reach you

can describe to you personally in detail the fact that sky bends

in the moments before it can about to land

The sea said goodbye towards the shore therefore the sun wouldn't notice

The Three Deathly Hallows

And I was done with my graceless cardiovascular system

So tonight I'm likely to cut it out and the restart

we grew up learning to cheer on the under dog

because we see ourselves in them

had a personality made up of tests and pills

Oh tear system and rust

I'll correct it for us

We're collecting dirt

But our love's enough

Everything reminds me of you.


I refuse to apologize for being myself

I'll find my own bravado

Maybe I ought to cry for help

Might be I should destroy myself

Could be I'm a different sort of breed

Sail with me into the dark

And yeah do we just adore each other at this point?

•I require you much more than I can consider

I need you more than ever today

Who ruins me besides making me entire

At the same time






Good vibes



Dead Hearts


Thus blow out the candles

The flame was collecting particles

Everything expires

And is still left to rust

Welcome for the machine

Trapped in this relentless machine

You could have my undevoted attention.

In search of to do something which matters. Or be a thing that matters. Im seeking to subject.

She had not been an experience. She had not been a fine and precious issue. She was obviously a girl.

" That's often seemed thus ridiculous in my experience, that people would want to be around someone because they're pretty. It's like selecting your lunch break cereals depending on color rather than taste. "

Missing her kept him awake more than the coffee.

One minute I organised the key

Subsequent the walls were closed about me

What a treacherous point to believe that a person is more than a person.

In the morning Soon we will be with you

Nonetheless it will be a diverse kind

We will be holding all of the tickets

And you should be proudly owning all the fees

And now all your love is definitely wasted

And after that who the hell was I?

because how will you hold the ground

if perhaps everyone with you wants to bury you beneath it

Our love is definitely questioned, this kind of a mournful sound

" Three Wishes"

You claim you want to find out her just like a lover

And undo her damage, she'll be new again

Quickly you'll find that should you try to conserve her

It will renew her anger

You will never win


Rain, film scores, city lights, good books and iced tea

I've received a heart but I am just not a soldier

Warhorse Aspect

I'm optionally available. -weplaypretend

I love cold french fries

we are graduation members from the class of

we produced it-sophomore-2nd

but our lives will simply ever often

continue to be

a balancing work

that has less to do with pain

and more to do with beauty.

Now i'm a female

Fe = flat iron

Male = man

I really am ironman. -junior



Alright so I such as this guy. He's about 8 months older than me and he's the son of one of my mom's older friends via college. I assume I've had a crush upon him seeing that I was 13, 2 years...