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 types of abuse Essay

Classification Essay

Classification Essay Format

Topic: Types of Male Abusers

Audience: People who have becoming abused

Purpose: classifies various types of misuse

Tentative thesis statement: almost all abuse is not the same

I. Introduction

A. Lead-in strategies: quotation

B. Thesis map: Since more is known about abuse in human relationships where a person is managing his woman partner, I will address mental, verbal and physical male abusers.

II. Human body paragraph

A. Emotional abuse

1 . Being rejected

2 . Ignoring

3. Terrorizing

4. Seclusion

5. File corruption error

6. Exploiting

B. Spoken abuse

1 ) Belittling

2 . Countering and correction

three or more. Holding out

4. Transferring pin the consequence on

5. Harassing jokes

6. Withholding

several. Blaming

8. Undermining

C. Physical mistreatment

1 . Striking

2 . Defeating

three or more. Choking

four. Pushing

a few. Threatening

6. Fastening out

3. Conclusion: Therefore , with the support and the help of family working together will assist in the elimination of possibly verbal, emotion, physical or perhaps sexual misuse. We can stop the take action of abuse!

Types of Male Abusers

Today abuse moved haywire and may exist in a relationship. Weather heterosexual, gay or lesbian, male toward a female partner or the different way around and at moments there will be zero remorse through the abuser for the abused. Since more is famous about maltreatment in human relationships where a person is managing his female partner, Let me address psychological, verbal and physical guy abusers. The emotional abusers displays rejecting behaviors toward their husband and wife or females, which will be actively or without conscious thought by enabling her find out, in a variety of ways, that she is undesired. Putting down a woman's' worth or belittling their needs is usually one kind these types of psychological abuser will take. Other good examples can include informing her to leave or perhaps worse, to get out of the face, calling her names or telling her she is useless. Ignoring is yet another form of mental abuse....