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 Xiaogang Zhang Essay

Contemporary disciplines in the world are getting to be recently popular. In China and tiawan traditional disciplines occupied many places for nearly 2000 years. But now the contemporary disciplines is becoming more and more popular in China. Xiaogang Zhang (1958 Yunnan) is short for this. This kind of essay will look at Zhang's, the first person in Chinese language contemporary arts who have been internationally recognized as China's most gifted painter.

Xiaogang Zhang is a renowned Chinese designer who was born in 1953. His works sell for big bucks both country wide and internationally. For example , his first painting " Bloodline: big family” cost sixty million and 20 1000 HKD in 2011 Sotheby's HK autumn market. Similarly, " Bloodline: big family 2” cost 60 million and 18 1, 000 HKD in 2012 Sotheby's spring auction. " Forever lasting love”, that has been in the 04 3, 2011 HK Sotheby's spring public auction, sold for HKD 79 mil and 70 thousand and is currently the greatest auction record of the performs of Xiaogang Zhang, a up to date Chinese fine art world auction record. These types of examples present that Xiaogang Zhang is among the most famous Chinese contemporary musician.

Zhang began the famous series: " Bloodline: big family” in the early 1990s and it has become his trademark style. At that time, the art industry began to enter to China but it really is very simple possibly naive. The folks who engage in contemporary artistry have no idea about the market until 1992. It's the first time to introduce the art industry to the field of contemporary disciplines. So this season is very important to get Zhang to make his very own image. The composition can be described as photo of your family and the infant on the picture is his brother. After he fixed with a photo gallery, he began to draw some portrait experiments. Once if he saw his parent's aged photos, he was so interested about it then he began to explore the new piece of art. He simply used handful of colors to exhibit others about canvas. For example , he just used reddish or even zero color in his canvas. In the work, Zhang makes ingenious use of...

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